Jenn Walton

Cultivating the Creative Columnist

Jenn Walton is a writer, editor and storyteller based in Washington, D.C., whose fiction works are housed mainly in the speculative genre. She is currently working on her first novel project that explores, through the lens of a failing utopia, what happens when society gives in to its fear of “the other.”

As a creativity columnist at DIY MFA, Jenn loves exploring ways to spur and cultivate the imagination. Through sharing how she gets inspired by conversations with her protagonists, overhearing brief conversations in passing or even by how she changes as a person, Jenn hopes to help other writers tap into their own creative spaces.

Previously a writer/editor at a D.C. communications firm, Jenn has drafted and edited sponsored and organic content for top-tier academic institutions, Fortune 500 companies and leading philanthropic organizations that has run in The Washington Post, USA Today and the Atlantic. She received her BA Writing Seminars in Fiction from the Johns Hopkins University, and falls asleep almost instantly on any and all road trips (her husband and best friend have several pictures).

Twitter: @jcwalton24

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