12 Spooky Articles to Tackle Writing Fears

by Jeanette the Writer
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October is a scary month. Not only do we have Halloween, but we’re also all realizing that the end of the year is coming up fast, and that’s frightening in itself. But as writers, we have a whole other set of fears. From battling imposter syndrome to self-publishing, there are a lot of difficult aspects of writing. We must be brave enough to face these challenges and make our writing and careers shine. Here are 12 articles from the DIY MFA archives that tackle writing fears.

As you read through these articles, think about how you are going to tackle writing fears that are holding you back. 

Blogs Are Scary

The title says it all. Starting a blog and committing to it can be a scary adventure. The pressure of putting your words out there is no small feat. In this article, Rebecca Ann Jordan takes us through the steps we need before launching a new blog into the world.

#5onFri: The Five Scariest Things About Being a Self-Published Author

If you thought blogs were scary, try self-publishing! In this post, S.G. Tasz explains why being a self-published author can be full of perils, then dispels all the myths to soothe any remaining apprehension.

How to Deepen Your Characters by Assessing Their Fears

Everyone has fears, especially your characters. And you can harness those to dive deep into your character motivations and bring them to life on the page. In this article, Jenn Walton asks us to name our fears, face them, and overcome them.

Writing a Villian You Love

Have you ever loved the villain more than the protagonist? In this post, Ginnye Lynn Cubel helps us craft a deep and compelling villain who your readers will enjoy and remember.

Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone

Research shows that stepping just outside our comfort zones actually helps improve performance. In this post, Wendy Lu teaches us the power of branching out with our writing.

#5onFri: Five Tips for Writing Nail-Biting Suspense

In this #5onFri post, Savannah Cordova gives us some amazing tips and literary mechanisms for writing suspense into our scenes. From flashbacks to foreshadowing, this is definitely a not-to-be-missed read.

How to Stay in Action When You Get Rejected

I think just about everyone fears rejection. But Julie Varughese is here to help us spring into action after a rejection and keep our literary dreams moving forward.

Episode 14: Creative Monsters

We dug into the DIY MFA archives for this classic podcast from Gabriela herself. Give it a listen to learn all about the scary monsters standing in the way of our creativity.

#5OnFri: Five Ways to Rock a Public Reading

Uh oh! I thought being an author was all about holing up in my room alone to write. Now we’re throwing public speaking into the mix? Even if he can’t make it fun, Tony Conaway gives us some great tips here for making a public reading less scary.

Five Tactics to Battle Impostor Syndrome

There is nothing more terrifying than the feeling that you’re just faking it and soon everyone will discover you’re a fraud. Almost every writer experiences this! Here, Helen J. Darling gives us five tactics we can use to slay the imposter monster and gain confidence.

Eight Essential Edits for Your Novel

In this post, Jeanette the Writer breaks down eight essential edits we can use to polish our manuscript. While it doesn’t encompass everything, it’s a good starting point for those who fear the red pen of editing.

#5onFri: Five Spooky Picture Books

If you want to give the kids a fright this Halloween, try reading them one of these scary bedtime stories. Filled with fright and laughter, these picture books were carefully curated by Gabriela herself.

Like I told you: nothing to worry about. DIY MFA has your back and can give you tips to help you tackle writing fears. But it’s ultimately up to you!

Tell me in the comments: How will you tackle writing fears during the remaining months of the year?

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