Epic Book Club Round-Up — Part 3

by Gabriela Pereira
published in Writing

Holy guacamole, word nerds, it has been such an incredible few weeks!

The Facebook group has been hopping with all the discussion threads and comments. Personally, I’ve had a blast getting to know so many word nerds and having a window into your creative process.

This book club has been so much fun, and it would not have been nearly this awesome without you all. Seriously, you blow me away! Thank you for being part of this epic event.

Now, as promised, here’s the last roundup.

Book Club Round-Up, Prompts 10-12

Prompt 10: Read LIke a Writer

For me, this turned out to be an exercise in self-restraint. There were so many wonderful book recommendations listed in this thread that I think my TBR (to be read) list went from slightly ridiculous to insanely long. Like I-want-to-read-all-the-books-in-the-world kind of long.

Seriously though, one of the things I love most about this word nerd community is the sheer diversity in what people are reading. I saw zombie apocalypse books listed next to classics like Anna Karenina and other eclectic combinations. It was also so incredibly heartwarming to see DIY MFA listed on people’s reading lists. My word nerds are the best!


Prompt 11: Make Space for Your Writing

By far this was my favorite prompt in the series, and while you’ll find most of the responses in the thread linked above, it also started a trend of word nerds sharing photos of their writing space in other threads and even on other social media.

I love getting a behind-the-scenes view at other people’s creative process so this prompt was for me what catnip is for Office Cat. It was so much fun seeing people’s spaces. For some it was “wherever I can find a space to sit” while for others it was a formal desk or even a full office. One person shared a photo of a gorgeous wood paneled library and gave me pangs of office envy (in the best way).

My favorite part, though, was having folks share the significance behind certain knick-knacks on their desk or shelves. I’ve discovered that while a word nerd’s desk might not always be orderly, but there’s definitely a thoughtful intention to it.


Prompt 12: Embrace Your Zero Moment

While the responses to this prompt ran the gamut, a few common threads came up again and again. For many, there wasn’t so much a zero moment, as there were many. I’d say that’s definitely been the case for me as well. At various stages of my development as a writer I’ve had different “inciting incidents,” different nudges—and in some cases, shoves—that pushed me to tackle new challenges.

For several people, the zero moment happened at a fairly young age, almost as though their “origin story” as a writer was also that zero moment that spurred them to the craft. It warmed my heart to see how many writers took that first step in grade school and have been writing ever since. Huzzah!

For others, the zero moment came out of a point of struggle, a dark time in life or at the very least I time where emotions ran high. As someone who has definitely had her share of sinking-into-darkness moments, I could totally relate to these stories as well. Sometimes when we feel adrift on stormy seas, writing can be like an anchor.

And, of course, the theme that perhaps most warmed my heart was when writers expressed having their zero moment right now, during the book club. While I’ll admit I wasn’t consciously intending for this to be the case, I realize that for some, the structure of this book club event might be just the ticket to get them moving with their writing.


There you have it, the final three prompts of the DIY MFA book club! Now hop on over to the Facebook group and join the celebration.

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Until next time, keep writing and keep being awesome!


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