Announcing: Conquer the Craft in 29 Days

by Gabriela Pereira
published in Writing

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed we’ve had a bit of a recurring theme on the DIY MFA site — Writing Challenges.
Becca gave us 29 reasons to do a writing challenge, Melinda talked about what a writing challenge is (and isn’t!), and I wrote about how a writing challenge can help you.

Just in case we haven’t shouted it quite loud enough from the rooftops, we at DIY MFA are big fans of writing challenges. They are fun. And, most importantly, they get you writing.  We are beyond excited to announce that next month, DIY MFA will be hosting Conquer The Craft in 29 Days. This writing challenge is the perfect opportunity to meet other writers, hone your craft and get words on the page.

How it Works

Conquer the Craft in 29 Days (#CTC29) starts August 1. That’s just around the corner so hurry on over to the sign-up page and register with your email. From August 1-29 we’ll email you one prompt per day, then finish off the month with a 2-day virtual writing retreat so you can end the challenge with a bang!

But this isn’t just any prompt-a-day challenge. We’ve designed this series of writing exercises not just to inspire you and get your creativity going, but also to help improve your writing. Each prompt targets a specific technique or element of craft so that by the end of the month, not only will you be writing more, you’ll be writing better.

No matter if you are just starting out and looking to use these exercises as a way to get new ideas, or if you are working on a bigger project and want to use them to supplement your goals. Conquer the Craft in 29 Days is designed to help you go big, go deeper and delve into your art.

It’s free to join and don’t worry, we hate SPAM as much as you do so your email will be safe with us. Registering is the most important step because we’ll be sending the prompts via email. You’ll also get the link to our Super-Secret Headquarters page for the virtual retreat where you’ll get access to videos and other free goodies.

This challenge is a great chance to meet other writers, too. While working on your prompts, you can hop on social media and use the hashtag #ctc29 to find other writers doing the challenge. Swap stories. Swap critiques. And at the end of the month, do the two-day writing sprint. This weekend sprint is like a virtual writing retreat, and you can attend in your pajamas at home!

Click this link for more details or to sign up for Conquer the Craft in 29 Days.

Are You In?

At DIY MFA we’re all about conquering. Conquering self-doubt. Conquering fear of failure. Conquering your goals. Conquering all the voices that say, I can’t. I don’t have time. I don’t have the money. I’ll never finish.  There’s a way to conquer all these things: work hard, meet goals, work alongside other writers and follow your voice.

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” — Stephen King

Let’s get to work!

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