Introducing: The 7DayStory Challenge!

by Gabriela Pereira
published in Writing

You don’t write because someone told you to write. You write because you MUST, because you can’t NOT write. But that doesn’t mean you must write alone.

Next week, we’re teaming up with our friends over at and hosting a week-long short story challenge called 7DayStory. The idea is simple: just write and revise a story in a week.

Why Do The 7DayStory Challenge?

We’ve got two very good reasons:

  1. It’s a way for you to challenge yourself.
  2. You’ll be able to connect with other writers┬áwho are doing the same thing.

Take the Challenge:

7DayStory kicks off next Monday, June 3. Come back for details on how to join the fun. In the meantime, start thinking up story ideas.

Insider Tip: Watch the #7DayStory twitter hashtag for updates!

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