Mobile Apps for Writers

by Whitney Adams
published in Writing

In today’s mobile society, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep your thoughts organized. This is very important if you are a writer. Inspiration can hit you at any given moment, but thankfully there is an app for that. There are plenty of smartphones and apps out on the market today that can help you begin writing your best-selling novel, or even get you inspired to finish your masterpiece. Technology is constantly changing and there are new smartphone apps that are made every day for just about every profession and hobby. As a writer, you can now take your story to new places and heights, literally, by writing on your phone.

Catch Notes

Catch Notes is a great app that lets you stay organized while you are out and about. You can make several different types of notes: a text note, picture note, voice note, and a reminder note. When you are creating a note you are able to add tags like you would in a Tweet. Once you have tagged your notes, you will be able to search through notes by using tags. Catch backs everything into the Cloud letting you access it by using your Catch account. It is easy to keep personal notes secure, both on your phone and in the cloud, by requiring a password in order to view it. With your Catch account you will be able to look at all of your notes either on your phone, computer, or browser. This app lets you keep the creative juices flowing by being able to write down any and all thoughts. If you see something that catches your eye, you can take a picture of it, tag it, and then view it later to help you get ideas. Catch is great for all types of writers. This is a free app that is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad. is one of the leading sites for word definitions, thesaurus, translations, and references. Now, it is a helpful app that is available for just about everyone who has a smartphone. This app is both a dictionary and a thesaurus. Just like on the website, you can see word pronunciations, spellings, word origins, and definitions. What is good about this app is that you have access to more than one million words, and is available even offline. In the app you can also use the audio option to hear the pronunciation of a word, or you can use the voice search option to find words. This is a great reference app. With the app you also get the word of the day and can see what words people near you are searching for. is a free app for a large variety of smartphones.

WritePad or Antipaper

WritePad and Antipaper are apps that let you take notes in your own handwriting. This is helpful for the writers who like to physically write versus type their notes. These apps can either convert your hand written notes to text or save them in your own handwriting. WritePad can be used on your iPhone or iPad using your finger or a stylus. Antipaper is very similar to WritePad, but it is for Android phones. There are many phones that already have the handwriting to text capability, like the New Galaxy Note from T-Mobile. Phones that are like the Samsung Galaxy Note, or that have apps like WritePad and Antipaper are able to convert, store, and email handwritten notes. For many writers this is easier than typing them. WritePad is only available through iTunes and is $3.99 for iPhone and $9.99 for iPad. Antipaper is a free app and is available through Google Play.


Inspiro is an app to help you get inspired and come up with ideas for your next story. You can go through three different modes: The Muse, Scenarios, and The Daydream Machine. In the Muse option, you will be given a set of words that are meant to help you come up with ideas. You can lock words that you want to keep and then have it go find other words to go with it. In the Scenario mode, it gives you just that, a scenario. These Scenarios are normally character based and can be either plural or singular. The Daydream Machine is designed to give you phrases that make you think and wonder. For each of these modes, it is possible to stop and start the process of word/phrase generation, and you can change the ratings from G, to PG, or R. This app is currently only available for $2.99 for iPad and iPhone.

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