DIY MFA Online Workshop: 7 Techniques to Boost Your Writing

by Gabriela Pereira
published in Writing

A few weeks ago we ran an online workshop called 7 Techniques to Boost Your Writing. We were so thrilled with how it went that we’ve decided to host another one.

This workshop is designed to help you boost your writing and get your story back on track. Whether you’re stuck on how to start, or your story has hit an unexpected rut, or you want to revive a project long-forgotten in the bottom drawer, this online workshop’s got you covered.

DIY MFA Online Workshop and Q&A:
7 Techniques to Boost Your Writing
Wednesday, April 3 at 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EDT


Expanded Details:

  • Who: Gabriela Pereira (that’s me!) will lead the workshop.
    This workshop is open to writers of all levels, but especially to those who want to give their writing a boost.
  • What:┬á 7 Techniques to Boost Your Writing.
    You’ll learn the seven techniques and get how-to tips for each one so you can apply them to your own writing projects.
  • When: See above. We’ve have mix-and-mingle time after the workshop.
  • Where: Online. Hosted by Shindig.
  • Why: Because it will be fun! Sign up early and get the Early Bird discount.

Got questions? You’ll find more information here.

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