Define and Refine Your Writing Process

by Gabriela Pereira
published in Writing

We got so many awesome questions during the master class, and we couldn’t get through them all. That’s why I decided to hop on a live broadcast so I could answer some of these questions, particularly the ones focusing on the writing process. One theme that came up again and again in this session was the idea of defining and refining a process that works for you. Watch the recording below.

In this Q&A, I talk about how to develop your own writerly education plan, the difference between plotters and pantsers (and how to use both writing styles to your advantage), how to find a mentor, and more.

Both of these Master Class sessions help you solidify your writing process. One talks about feeding your writing mind and the other focuses on nurturing your writing heart.

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Define and Refine Your Writing Process

Topics Covered in this Q&A

Approximate time stamps in parentheses.

  • In your opinion, is a formal education necessary to learn the writing process? Can you talk about how you were taught to write? (01:35)
  • How do you extend an idea to a novel? (09:05)
  • I have been just doing the research I need to write a memoir,  how do I know when I have collected enough to start writing a section of the book? (13:35)
  • How to strike a balance between finishing daily/weekly target and getting good written material? (18:00)
  • Can you expand on writing styles briefly – you made a “seat of the pants comment” versus rigid planning/structure/outline mode. (22:00)
  • I’ve heard that making an online presence is a good way of getting fans and buyers for your book, maybe even before you are published.  What are your suggestions? (28:00)
  • How can I get/find a mentor? (33:50)
  • How long is too long to spend on revision of a second novel? I write fast and then get stuck. (41:30)

As always, keep writing and keep being awesome!

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