Episode 124: Platform Doesn’t Have to Be Painful — Solo Show

Hey there word nerds! If you subscribe to the DIY MFA newsletter, then you know I’ve had a lot to say lately. In this episode, I reflect on some of the recent themes I’ve been considering like: service, responsibility, gratitude and love. I also talk about some of the obstacles I’ve faced when building my… Read more »


The Courage to Write What You Believe

When shit goes down in our lives, how do we keep writing? At best, we lose our ability to focus on our work. Sometimes it makes us question our work—question whether what we have to say will be relevant. Or at worst, become afraid to write what we write. There’s no more tragic fear for… Read more »


#5OnFri: Five Writer Wins

The end of the year is a perfect time for reflection. It can be really easy to focus only on what’s to come — what new goals we’re setting, what new accomplishments we’d like to achieve–and not look at what we’ve done. I think this can be particularly true for writers– we can have a… Read more »


Episode 123: Adventures in Self-Publishing — Interview with Britt Alan

Hey there word nerds! Today I’m delighted to have Britt Alan on the show, talking about self-publishing his debut novel: Tiananmen Ascending. But before we dig into the nuts and bolts of writing and self-publishing, let me share a short anecdote that I think captures Britt’s longtime passion for that intersection between world politics and… Read more »

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