If You Want To Be Productive, Go To Sleep!

Last Saturday, my three-year-old son did not take his usual mid-afternoon nap. Most parents wouldn’t think this a very big deal. Kids skip naps all the time, right? Well, my son doesn’t. Ever since my “Epic Battle To Make Baby Sleep” during year one of his life, I’ve been kind of a nap Nazi. His… Read more »


#5onFri – Five Websites For Writers to Geek Out Over

Writer’s love pens that gracefully slide across the page leaving an even line of ink with no globs or faded patches. We love a good coffee or tea mug that fits our hand just right, that keeps our beverage toasty warm and the design that flaunts our personality. We love to stock up on writing… Read more »


Developing Themes In Your Stories: Part 8 – The Act I Choice

Shortly after a story’s inciting incident, the protagonist must make an important decision: either keep living as she always has, or become involved in the story’s main conflict. This choice, in terms of the three-act story structure, marks the transition between Act I and Act II. Some writers also call it the “point of no… Read more »

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