#5OnFri: Five Obsessions of Highly Effective Writers

In the three years since I started writing, I’ve written six novels, signed book contracts for two of them and published my first one this month. I’m contracted for two more books to be written in the next six months. I have no degrees in writing. I took one literature class in college (which is… Read more »

Featured Image: Ryan North

Episode 104: Gaming Shakespeare – Interview with Ryan North

Hey there Word Nerds! Thanks for joining me for today’s awesome DIY MFA Radio interview with author Ryan North. When one of my contacts over at Penguin told me Romeo and/or Juliet and asked if I wanted to bring the author on the show, my immediate reaction: “Shakespeare meets choose-your-own adventure? Yes please!” The fact… Read more »


All About Litsy

Social media is always in flux, and there is always another new kid on the block.The newest network of the moment is Litsy. It’s quickly gaining a lot of attention, and it’s specifically geared toward readers. Meet Litsy Litsy was created by Todd Lawton and Jeff LeBlanc, the co-founders of bookish tees and gear shop… Read more »


DIY MFA Street Team Roundup: Weeks 9-14

It’s July! Summer is in full swing, and the DIY MFA Street Team has been hard at work reading The Book and posting their reviews out into the world. If you were wondering what others think of The Book, make sure you check Goodreads, Amazon, B&N.com, and iBooks. You won’t be disappointed. These past few… Read more »


Be Well, Write Well: Embrace Your Season

Do you have a favorite season, one you embrace more than all the others? For me, living in Northeast U.S. and teaching for a profession, it’s summer. Besides the longer days and warmth of the sun, summer also means, “School’s Out!” It means freedom from external structure, and the opportunity to create new structures for… Read more »


#5OnFri: 5 Reasons to Write That Project Now

Recently I pitched an editor a blog post idea. When her acceptance popped into my email I did my usual cheer and happy dance. Ideas for the piece filled my brain. I plopped back in my chair and fired off my next question, “When would you like the piece?” The editor responded with a generous… Read more »