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How to Stop Spamming and Grow Your Network

“My new book is out! Buy for $2.99 on Amazon! [LINK]” “Have you read my new novel yet? Get it now! [LINK]” “ ‘MY BOOK TITLE’ #kindle #bestseller [LINK]” Do these spam author posts feel familiar? It’s become a common author stereotype on social media networks to constantly post asking people to please, for the… Continue Reading »


Five Ways to Fall in Love With Marketing Your Work

Marketing is every bit of contact your company has with the outside world.  Every bit. – From Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Levinson Why does the term “marketing people” evoke such dread?  In some circles it might even be considered an oxymoron.  But I say that the trepidation around marketing and marketing volk comes from a… Continue Reading »


5 Awesome Author Online Platforms

When it comes to building a platform, sometimes reading a list of tips just doesn’t cut it. Seeing how real authors find their success can trigger new creative ideas and help you find your footing. That’s why I’m always curious about what’s really going on out there on the streets. Or in this case, cyberstreets…. Continue Reading »


An Inside Look at Three Writers Conferences

Writers choose to spend a considerable amount of time sitting alone at home staring at a computer screen. Whether we write at home or at our favorite coffee shop, the truth is these stories of ours don’t write themselves. I once left my computer alone for an entire week, and when I came back do… Continue Reading »


Writing Groups: Backyard v. Inbox

I love hanging out with writers. Sometimes in-person, sometimes online, and one of the best perks is that it’s not just social, it’s good for my writing too. Other writers aren’t just my friends, they’re my business colleagues. When I can, I’m writing with my local writing group, but when I can’t, I’m plugged in… Continue Reading »

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Be Part of This Vibrant Community

The thing that writers most often say they love about DIY MFA 101 is the vibrant community. And I have to say that this is probably my favorite aspect of the class as well. Writers who join DIY MFA 101 are dedicated and independent, but also quick to share ideas and give each other support. It’s a combination… Continue Reading »


Anatomy of a Kick A$$ Query Letter

Art is fire plus algebra. – Jorge Luis Borges Query letters are strange and intimidating beasts.  They are the much obsessed, much abused, much scorned part of the marketing process.  Essentially they are like movie trailers for your book; they create the urge to see more.  Somehow, by some feat of magic, you are forced… Continue Reading »

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#5OnFri: Resolutions from the DIY MFA Team

Happy New Year! As you can see from this week’s podcast, we’re big on resolutions here at DIY MFA. They can be a powerful tool for motivation, and also for building your community. Studies have shown that the mere act of writing down a goal makes you more likely to achieve it. Telling it to… Continue Reading »

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