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#5OnFri: 5 Fears of Blogging (And How to Overcome Them)

It’s not just you. Starting a blog can be knee-knocking scary—even when you know it can help you get published, build an audience of eager readers, and build your credibility as a writer. Because what will you write about? What if you don’t have time? And why should anybody listen to you when a bajillion successful bloggers out there have been… Continue Reading »


#5OnFri: Five Reasons for Writers to Blog

Imagine this. You wake up one dewy Saturday morning, sit down with your laptop and a hot cup of Earl Grey to check your email, and you find this: a green light for that story you pitched the editor last week, fan emails full of questions and enthusiastic thank yous, and an invitation to interview for… Continue Reading »


A Walk-through of the Book Publication Process

Web Editor’s Note: I’m so excited to welcome Constance Renfrow as one of our regular columnists! Constance is an editor as well as a writer, and in her column will be shedding some light on what happens on the other side of the book deal. Please join me in welcoming her to DIY MFA team! Greetings, writers!… Continue Reading »


#5OnFri: Five Planners for Writers

Happy Friday Word Nerds! Today I want to talk about one of my personal obsessions: planners. In high school and college, one of my favorite yearly purchases was the perfect planner, always bought in August, in time for school. The options were basically what the bookstore had to offer. But now, there are so many options for planners…. Continue Reading »


Patience While Platforming

I’ve been working in social media, blogging and all-around online platforming for about as long as I’ve had a career. I’ve even dabbled in some myself, as a writer and freelancer. But I didn’t launch my own author platform until this fall, when I got a publisher and made the decision to use a pseudonym…. Continue Reading »


#5OnFri: The Five Benefits of Guest Posting

Happy Friday, Word Nerds! Today I want to talk about guest posts. One of my favorite parts about my job as Web Editor is hosting other writers on DIY MFA. Over the years, we’ve had many guest posts that have been a benefit to our community and the guest poster. In some cases, guest posters… Continue Reading »


#5OnFri: 5 Resolutions from the DIY MFA Team

Happy New Year Word Nerds! We’re saying farewell to 2015 and ringing in 2016 in a big way here at DIY MFA. 2015 brought all kinds of awesome, including our first conference and Gabriela turning in the DIY MFA book! 2016 promises to be even more amazing as we gear up for the publication and a… Continue Reading »


#5OnFri: Five Ways to Answer the Worst Question Ever

We’ve all been there. You’re sipping eggnog and listening to your aunt bragging about your baby cousin’s latest football victory. You’re wrapping gifts with your sisters. Gathering to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. And just when you think you’ve made it through the holidays unscathed, someone turns and asks the five most terrifying… Continue Reading »


What to do About Twitter Non-Followers

In my last column, I talked about using the follow-back practice to build a following. In this one, we’ll look at what you should do when others don’t follow you back. As a quick recap, so we’re all moving forward from the same understanding: The follow-back strategy is based on the Twitter etiquette that if… Continue Reading »


Take a Staff Meeting . . . With Yourself

The year is coming to a close, but we still have a few weeks left to assess where we are in 2015, and where we want to be in 2016. What did you accomplish this year? What are you hoping to accomplish next? It’s time for an Annual Review at your writing corporation of one…. Continue Reading »

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