#5OnFri: Five of Winter’s Gifts to Every Writer

Sometimes inspiration is hard to come by for us as writers.  Everyday living distracts and tires our imagination and focus. Why do you think there are so many memes and books written about writers getting on with the writing?  We know that getting to the writing is the hardest part of the effort.  (I see… Read more »


Deadlines are not your worst enemy

Deadlines are terrifying. They’re funny little things almost made to be broken, but without them we’d get nothing done. (Even this article, I’m turning in two days late, but if there wasn’t a deadline, would I write it at all? Probably not.) Reaching a book deadline involves a lot of panic. Or at least, it does… Read more »


5OnFri: Five Ways NaNoWriMo Makes You a Better Writer

November is my favorite month of the year for one BIG reason: NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. If you’ve never heard of NaNo and you want a unique motivational writing experience, you should check it out. It’s one of the most intense, community-focused writing events I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of…. Read more »

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