Twelve Lessons from The DIY MFA BOOK

I knew I was a devotee of Gabriela’s DIY MFA philosophy, but I didn’t know by how much until I read her book. I joined the team and started writing columns for the site a year and a half ago. My writing has gone a wild ride since then. When I started, I was a lowly… Read more »


#5OnFri: Five Reasons My Street Team is Amazing!

As writers, there’s a specific moment we all dream about. It’s the moment that motivates us and drives us to write our book in the first place. No, it’s not first holding a copy of our books in our own hands, though that’s a pretty great moment. It’s also not seeing our books on store… Read more »


Episode 100: Unleash Your Storytelling Superpower!

Hello hello Word Nerds! Welcome back to DIY MFA Radio. OMG, you guys! It’s episode 100! How awesome is that? I can’t even believe how amazing it is that we’ve come this far. Today’s show is super-special for a number of reasons. Not only is it episode 100, but this is also the first solo show I’ve… Read more »

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