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All about Short Stories

Did you know that the month of May is International Short Story Month? I didn’t! In May 2010, International Short Story Month was first organized as a way to celebrate short stories in all their glory from writing to reading and everything in between. It was inspired by National Poetry Month in April, which we… Read more »


Using Bookstagram to Increase Your Book’s Visibility

After several conversations with bestselling authors and those making full-time income as indie authors, I knew it was time to pivot my marketing strategy.  Sure, you can still use older methods to gain visibility for your book and increase your sales. You can slap a permafree novel on your website, then upsell to your new… Read more »


The Book Nook — May Edition

I’m not going to declare my surprise that it’s already May. I did that in the preceding months, and time only sped up incrementally each month, which is interesting because sometimes the days drag on interminably. But here we are—it’s May. The flowers are blooming, the baseball bats are swinging, I’m enjoying cool drinks out… Read more »

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