Title Image: The Magical Reverse Outline

The Magical Reverse Outline

You have just finished your rough draft! Congrats! That is an epic feat, and you deserve to celebrate. There should probably be cake at this celebration. You earned it. Take the moment to relish your magnificent accomplishment, eat some cake, maybe take a few weeks off so you can see your story with new eyes… Read more »

Title Image: Revitalize your writing resolve

Revitalize Your Writing Resolve

Well, it’s August, and that means we’ve passed the halfway mark for the year of 2021, and boy, am I looking for ways to revitalize my practice after losing writing steam. Those new year’s goals are far behind me, plenty laying littered and broken along my yearly writing journey. I’d love to say my passion… Read more »

Title Image: Using Instagram to Grow Your Author Business

Using Instagram to Grow Your Author Business

If I told you Instagram can become a relentless, reader magnet machine for your author business, would you be interested? Because author, that’s exactly what it can be if that’s what you choose.  In 2021, a few things are certain. You don’t need to be on everyone’s mamas internet to reach your readers, build community,… Read more »

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