Wagon or Wain? The Perils of Linguistic Anachronisms

I almost fell into the trap recently. My protagonist, speaking of his brother, said, “That would be John going off half-cocked, Uncle, not me.” A nice evocative expression for someone who acts without thinking, right? The only problem is, the story is set at the beginning of the 14th century in western Europe. Guns didn’t… Read more »

Interview with RB Frank

As editor of a literary magazine, my love for quality short-form writing knows no bounds. And as part of the job, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know several excellent writers. RB Frank is witty, versatile, and packs a punch in a limited number of words. Purely out of curiosity, after becoming a true… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Tools to Rock Your Revision

Revision is my favorite part of the writing process. I’ve often heard writers describe drafting as the “magical” stage, where you can discover new things and let your imagination run wild. It’s true–magic happens while drafting. But magic also happens in revision. Once you’ve written “The End,” you have a chunk of writing to play… Read more »

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