#5onFri: Five Things to Do Before Writing Your First Book

You’re excited. You’ve decided to take on a new project. The idea has been stirring in your head for years and you’re finally going to do it. You’re going to write a book— Now what? Writing a book is a huge undertaking. It took ten years and countless revisions to get my own book published…. Read more »

Choosing the Right Job for Your Character

As human beings, our work is very important. Choosing a career is one of the biggest decisions we make in life, and we often put a ton of time and energy into it. But what about our characters’ jobs? How much thought do we put into that? We authors recognize the importance of strong characterization,… Read more »

How to Write a Romantic Comedy Novel, Pt. 1

The time is upon you to put pen to paper and write the next great romantic comedy, an ingenious prose worthy of the Pulitzer-Prize in Comedic Literature. (Well, if there was such an award.) You marked your calendar and thought this day would never arrive. It is a long weekend devoid of plans, perhaps a… Read more »

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