Melanie Marttila

Mythic Storytelling: Five Books on Tarot for Writers

Last time on Speculations, I offered a brief introduction to the tarot. This time, I’ve read and will briefly review five books on tarot for writers, so that you can decide which reference(s), if any, you might want to add to your writing craft library. I’ve decided to present them in chronological order by date… Read more »

Jeanette Smith

Should I Trust Editing Software?

Editing is often cited as the most difficult part of the writing process. Having taken our unique ideas and formed them into sentences, how do we now evaluate the result and determine what’s good from what needs changing? Some changes will be obvious—usually from the squiggly red line underneath it. That’s right. Today we’re talking… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Books for Writers Interested in Minimalism

Minimalism has been a buzzword in our culture for several years now, perhaps culminating in the huge success of Marie Kondo’s KonMari method and TV show. Untold numbers of people have found great benefits in applying minimalist principals to their homes, wardrobes, and lives. I believe minimalism is especially beneficial to writers. When there is… Read more »

Gabriela Pereira

An Internet Abomination: There’s No Such Thing as “Free Books”

Last week, the Internet Archive (the organization responsible for the Wayback Machine) announced that  it was removing all waiting lists for its Open Library, effectively making 1.4 million copyrighted works available for free without the permission of writers or publishers. News outlets like NPR, The New Yorker, and Vice have reported on this “National Emergency… Read more »

Abigail K. Perry

Use the Story Grid Scene Analysis Template to Read With Purpose

Writers know that reading is essential to growing their craft, but did you know there’s a difference between reading for fun and reading analysis? When I became a Certified Story Grid Editor in 2019 (Story Grid is an editing methodology that provides practical tools and tips to help writers in the writing process), this understanding… Read more »

Savannah Cordova

#5onFri: Five Signs Your Book’s Structure Needs Work

Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser at heart, you probably recognize that an unwieldy, unclear, or unstable structure can be a death sentence for your novel. Even if you’re writing a book defined by its quirky characters or experimental style, most readers simply won’t have the patience to get through it unless the structure… Read more »

Bronwen Fleetwood

Celebrating Reading: Days Dedicated to Books

‘Tis the season to celebrate books! Because reading and literacy are so important there are a number of book-oriented events on the annual calendar. Some are regional, some global. And they all emphasize the importance of reading for kids. As writers (and illustrators!) for children we should be deeply invested in spreading literacy and a… Read more »