queer fantasy

The Magic of Queer Fantasy

Often when readers think about the origins of LGBTQ+ literature, we think about poetry and drama. Certainly, these two modes have a long history of presenting a wide range of non-heteronormative stories and themes, and perhaps they have been best suited for it. But LGBTQ+ stories in prose narratives have equally long histories. More interesting… Read more »


Supporting the AAPI Community

This last year has been a difficult one, and some communities have been more deeply affected than others. Right now, I am heartbroken by the acts of violence toward Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Between the deadly shooting in Atlanta to the thousands of attacks tracked by Stop AAPI Hate, I feel a deep sadness… Read more »

Overheard at my Writing Podcast

#5onFri: Five Things Overheard at My Writing Table Podcast

Recently, I launched Kris Clink’s Writing Table, a podcast to help new writers learn from authors and publishing experts as we explore books, the writing craft, and the varied paths to publishing. It’s been a joy to hear firsthand from authors who are responsible for my favorite books.  Kathleen Barber, Kimberly Belle, Lyn Liao Butler,… Read more »

Write with Kids at Home

How to Write with Kids at Home

We signed our book deal at the end of July 2020 with a January 2021 publication date. We were in the midst of a global pandemic. Our kids were home 24/7 with nowhere to go. Karissa had a brand new three week old baby. And we were on a one month deadline for our first… Read more »

Celebrating Perseverance

Celebrating Perseverance

My dear Speculators, the Perseverance Rover, AKA “Percy,” landed on February 18th. I wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate perseverance and all the awesome that this innovation in automated extraterrestrial exploration has to offer writers of speculative fiction. NASA intends for Percy to determine some key information about Mars, including whether there is evidence… Read more »

Book Nook April Edition

The Book Nook—April Edition

How is it already April? March was both a slog and a blur, and I am so glad to leave it in my rearview window. I know this post should have gone up on the first Sunday in April, but that was Easter, and we’ve had some other behind the scenes stuff going on here… Read more »

Writing Multiple Timelines Set in One Place

Books with multiple timelines are some of my favorites to read—and to write. At times the storylines can seem disparate and disconnected, and then bam, you get that particular satisfaction as you figure out how they converge. Multiple timelines add layers to story that, when done right, can deepen plot and characters. When I began… Read more »