The Price of Publishing

The Truth about ROI Aside from whether to pursue the traditional publishing route or self-publish, the most frequently asked question I receive from those looking to publish is how much money my book made. The question comes in different forms – what was your cut, how many copies have you sold, has the book been… Read more »

Tweeting about Writing: A Weird Flex

A weird flex: I can lay claim to be as formally uneducated in our craft as just about any writer.  I’ve never taken a creative writing class, any right-thinking MFA course would have discarded my application at first glance, and I remain unclear as to what a Writers’ Conference even is.  Nonetheless, a memoir, a… Read more »

How I Lost My Story and Found It Again

In the fall of 2016, after I had been living abroad for five years, my second child was born. My husband, two daughters, and I were living with my mom. I had no friends. I was exhausted, lonely, bewildered, and often angry. The world had shifted around me, and I no longer understood it. Motherhood,… Read more »

How to Build an Authentic Author Brand

Hey, writers! Today I want to talk about authentic author brand building. In other words: how can you establish yourself as a real human being, rather than as a robotic, faceless business?  An author brand boils down to a couple key features: what sets you apart from other authors and, more specifically, what readers love… Read more »

Feeling stuck? Reconnect your values.

Whether you choose to publish traditionally or independently, aligning your goals and intentions with your values can help you persevere in your writing practice. How is 2020 treating you? Are you doing okay? Staying hydrated? Healthy, I hope? The year has not, on the whole, been kind to us, and if you’re anything like me… Read more »


Strengthen Your Platform During a Pandemic

The pandemic has taken a lot from us. As authors, it has been a huge blow to our options for growing our community—events, libraries, book shops, conventions, festivals, workshops. I could go on. But it can’t steal your platform. I know: it’s hard. Even I, extreme introvert extraordinaire, have missed face time with readers and writers…. Read more »

#5onFri: Five Marketing Tips for Indie Authors

Does the idea of marketing yourself and your books make your head hurt? You are not alone! While writing books comes naturally to us, marketing seems so vague and complicated. And yet it’s a necessary evil that must be overcome if we want to be successful indie authors. We scour the internet, listen to a… Read more »

How to Establish a Literary Mentorship

Five years ago, if someone told me, “You will translate Romanian poetry into English,” I’d have said, “Who? Me?! You’re crazy.” Sadly, I speak only one language – English – fluently.  But life and opportunity will forever have their way.  Let me tell you a story. In high school, I was a serious student with… Read more »

How to Create and Manage a Pen Name

Hi, writers! Today, I want to talk about pen names: when and how you should use one and tips on creating and managing one (or several!).  You’re probably already familiar with at least a few authors who write under a pen name or pseudonym. J.K. Rowling and J.D. Robb are a couple big names that… Read more »