Resolving to Doodle On

When I began to write for DIY MFA, my second post, “Resolving to Draw More,” welcomed the New Year (remember 2019, that sweet time when small annoyances seemed important and everyday joys passed by unappreciated?). It included this fact: “You need three things to draw: paper, pen and ink. Or just two, if you use… Read more »

Making Goal-Driven Publishing Decisions: Wide vs. Select

After she’s written her manuscript, after it’s been edited, formatted, and proofread, an indie author makes a goal-driven publishing decision: wide or select? There are plenty of good reasons to choose either pathway, but it’s important to consider your long-term author goals before you decide. What does “wide” mean here? What is “Select”? “Select” means… Read more »

The Words That Shaped 2020

Thank [insert deity here] 2020 is almost over! When we look back on everything that shaped our world this year, it’s difficult to boil it down to just a few words. But that’s exactly what Oxford Languages does every year. Their Word of the Year is awarded to a term they deem has “lasting potential… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Ways to Talk About Writing with Nonwriters

Call them what you will. Nonwriters, Muggles, Philistines. Just kidding. We know them. We love them. They’re our parents, our friends, our partners and significant others. They’re the people in our lives with whom we share everything.  But sometimes we aren’t always sure how to share this one thing with nonwriters. You know, one of… Read more »

Writer Fuel: Lesson #8–Let’s Talk About the Money

It was a late Monday night in December, and I was sitting in a West Village classroom for my last writing class of the semester. The professor was talking about the publishing process, explaining how to query agents and what happens after you sign a book contract. She threw around phrases like “advance against the… Read more »


Author Platform New Year’s Resolutions

There’s nothing like the clean slate of a new year about to start—especially after a year as all around rough as this one has been. Time to cut free and start over! Along with that excitement, I’m a huge geek for resolutions and big, hopeful plans. Yes, even now. I cannot squash my new-year optimism…. Read more »


Writer Igniter Sci-Fi/Fantasy Summit

In case you’ve somehow missed the announcement, DIY MFA is currently hosting our Sci-Fi/Fantasy Summit! Gabriela recently sat down and interviewed 11 top Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors on topics related to the craft of writing and the process of getting published. This event began yesterday, but it’s not too late to sign up! You can sign up… Read more »

The Price of Publishing

The Truth about ROI Aside from whether to pursue the traditional publishing route or self-publish, the most frequently asked question I receive from those looking to publish is how much money my book made. The price of publishing comes in different forms – what was your cut, how many copies have you sold, has the… Read more »

Tweeting about Writing: A Weird Flex

A weird flex: I can lay claim to be as formally uneducated in our craft as just about any writer.  I’ve never taken a creative writing class, any right-thinking MFA course would have discarded my application at first glance, and I remain unclear as to what a Writers’ Conference even is.  Nonetheless, a memoir, a… Read more »