Supporting the AAPI Community

This last year has been a difficult one, and some communities have been more deeply affected than others. Right now, I am heartbroken by the acts of violence toward Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Between the deadly shooting in Atlanta to the thousands of attacks tracked by Stop AAPI Hate, I feel a deep sadness… Read more »

What Is Author Brand and How to Craft Yours

Welcome to the Author Marketing Toolkit, where you can learn from 20+ years of time-tested marketing and insights expertise, translated for authors. I’m Carol Van Den Hende, an MBA and strategist who’s known for bringing chocolate when I speak at conferences (surely, we’ll get back to in-person events one day!) I’m thrilled to be joining… Read more »

Getting Good at Taking Feedback

Do you think you are good at taking feedback? You: “Hey, do these sentences look okay? Could you take a look? They’re from a work in progress: The Blue Arrow Gallery is a newish silver box with large windows in the front. It sits a half dozen blocks from downtown on the edge of the… Read more »

Life of a Writer: Episode 1: And So It Begins

I’m a writer. Not an author, mind you. A writer. And I have the life of a writer. This distinction was never more apparent until October 2018, when I overheard some colleagues in the English department office of the high school where I teach, talking about an article one of them had published in a… Read more »

The Biggest Misconceptions About the Publishing Industry

Whether you’re an author, a publishing pro, or just someone who hangs out on Twitter, you’ve probably heard — and likely internalized — certain stereotypes and misconceptions about the publishing industry. Some are easily disproved blanket statements, like “you can only succeed as a traditionally published author” and “no one actually reads self-published books.” Others… Read more »

The Importance of Authenticity

The impetus for this article arose from two decidedly different sources. Late last year, an Amazon reviewer of one of my own books posted, “Alfred has sunk too low. Fidelity and loyalty are paramount in my world.” Then, a couple of weeks later, a member of the DIY MFA family posted a question on Word… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Things That Saved My Novel From Oblivion

I was finally on my way!  I had started my Young Adult (YA) Fantasy novel over 20 years earlier, building the world, the characters, and the story in fits and starts on vacations or in between life’s daily demands, mostly surrendering to my reality.  Then in July of 2019, I retired and I promised myself… Read more »

How to Nurture Your Reader Community

Happy New Year, writers! Over the past few months, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about ways to build and grow an author brand–primarily focusing on you (your website, your social media presence, ways to make sure you’re being as authentic as possible, etc.)–but today I want to talk about an aspect of your… Read more »