The Value of an Amazon Follow

At this point, I don’t have to tell you that Amazon is a behemoth in the publishing industry. Even more so if you’re self-published. One intriguing feature that Amazon has developed in the last couple years is the Amazon Follow button. Part of Amazon’s genius has been that it finds ways that help it grow… Read more »

Three Tips for Trying Out Minimalism

In my last article, I talked about my experiment with de-cluttering, and the benefits of minimalism, specifically, for writers. While I’m still not quite done, I have already been able to see a lot of positive results. Thinking about trying out minimalism? Here are three tips for getting started: 1) Write Down Your Motivations The process of… Read more »

How Embracing Minimalism Made Me a Better (And Happier) Writer

Last month, I wrote about minimalism, and how I thought the lifestyle might have particular value for writers. I planned to take the month of March to experiment with de-cluttering and embracing a more minimalist lifestyle in my home and on my computer. A month and many, many trashbags later, I’m still not quite done with the… Read more »

How to Grow Your Online Platform In Real Life

Most of us know the basics of online platforming by now – slap those links on your home page, post regularly, be engaged. But when I tell people that I do a lot of my best online platform growth at in-person events, I get a lot of raised eyebrows. It can already feel like a… Read more »

Why Kid Lit Matters

Do you remember when you first fell in love with reading? I’m going to guess that for most of you, it was when you were a child. Maybe, like for me, it was love at first picture book. Or maybe a teacher or librarian handed you a book that resonated with you, and you kept… Read more »

How This Skeptic Became A Meditation Convert  

  Breathe in… I wonder who’s the guest on The Daily Show tonight? Breathe out… I really liked Trevor Noah’s memoir. I should recommend it to my book club. Breathe in… Focus! You’re supposed to be clearing your mind. Breathe out… What should I make for supper tonight? If you’ve tried meditation, does this sound familiar? When I first… Read more »