The Four Elements Of A Compelling Book Blurb

Hi, writers! In my last post, I wrote about how to create a book cover that not only accurately reflects your brand but also attracts your ideal readers.  While an amazing cover can persuade readers to click on your book (or to pull it off the shelf in a physical book store), it’s your book’s… Read more »

Helen J. Darling

Don’t Do What I Did: Mistakes in Indie Publishing

Indie publishing offers a lifetime of lessons to learn, and fortunately, the self-publishing community also offers myriad colleagues and gurus willing to share their knowledge with you. But working in indie publishing is a lot like that transition from college to real life: you can do all the reading and take all the courses, but… Read more »

Gabriela Pereira

Where We Stand as a Community

A little over a week ago, I wrote this email sharing initial steps that my team and I are taking to amplify black voices and also make DIY MFA more inclusive of diverse voices. I realize that I have been fairly quiet on the subject since, but that by no means indicates that this subject… Read more »

Bess McAllister

A Limitless Gift for Every Writer

At DIY MFA, we talk a lot about iteration and crafting a writing process. Every writer’s process will look different. Some of us like sitting at the same desk, keeping to a strict schedule. Others probably thrive on a bit more adventure–different writing locales, juggling multiple projects. Many more probably lie somewhere in the middle…. Read more »

Gabriela Pereira

This Needs to Be Said

Dear word nerd, For the past week, I have watched with outrage and horror at the events that have taken place. The murder of an innocent black man, the violence and aggression toward peaceful protesters, and the perpetual lack of initiative and empathy from many of our leaders during this time of extreme crisis. I… Read more »

Jason Jones

#5onFri: Five Tips for Getting Your Book on Local Media

You’re an author! Congratulations! Arriving here, book in hand, you’ve joined a very exclusive club. Writing is vulnerable, sacrificial and truth be told, a bucket-list item that most will never check off. An incredible amount of work goes into writing a book: the research, the writing, the editing and various publishing tasks. These can take… Read more »

Leanne Sowul

The Power of Paying Attention

Well hello there, writers! How are you all doing out there? Oh, you’re struggling? Yeah, me too. At least, I’m struggling to write this post. You see, this is the first post I’ve written for DIY MFA since the pandemic started, and when it goes live, we’ll probably still be under some level of quarantine…. Read more »

Indiana Lee

#5onFri: Five Ways the Gig Economy Can Work for Creatives

“I remembered my New Orleans days, living on two five-cent candy bars a day for weeks at a time in order to have leisure to write. But starvation, unfortunately, didn’t improve art. It only hindered it. A man’s soul was rooted in his stomach. A man could write much better after eating a porterhouse steak… Read more »