From Zero to Pitch in 24 Hours

In my experience, most three hour drives feel like nothing more than numb legs, backaches, and forcing myself to stop checking the clock. But leave it to my first Writer’s Digest Conference to speed that drive right up. I knew ahead of time that I was going to force my driving buddy into helping me… Read more »

How to Instantly Change Your Mind About Book Marketing

The very traits that can make someone a wonderful writer – humility, sensitivity and introspection –  can also conspire to make that same person an absolutely terrified (and ineffective) marketer. That’s a problem because, as you likely already know, the ability to market oneself and one’s books is a must for the modern writer. If this is… Read more »

Pitching on Twitter: How to Circumvent the Slush

Wouldn’t it be cool if instead of sending out dozens (or hundreds) of queries, writers could post their pitches in one spot for editors and agents to browse? A place where agents and editors could come shop for writers instead of writers shopping for them? Oh wait, it exists. It’s pitching on Twitter. It’s how… Read more »

#5onFri: #WICon2015 Social Media Preview

It’s fall now, writers, and that means the Writer Igniter Con is just around the corner. October 24-25, ya’ll. It’s coming faster than you think. I’m so excited to be a part of it, building from my social media strategy posts to cover a ton of great info for anyone trying to tweet and like… Read more »

How to Use Hashtags to Grow Your Platform

Hashtags are nothing new anymore. But using them can still be awkward or even confusing for many, especially if you’re just getting your feet wet in a new network. Even if you’ve already got the basics down, are they actually growing your following? There’s a big difference between the occasional hashtag #justbecause and one that… Read more »