Thrillerfest: Industry Experts on Platforming

At this year’s ThrillerFest, discussions about platforming and marketing focused heavily on social media. Lynne Constantine suggested writers should of social media as a virtual cocktail party, in terms of how you should interact with others—it’s about connections, not sales. So don’t let social media platforming intimidate you—Kimberley Cameron assured that “It’s nothing to be… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Reasons ThrillerFest ROCKS!

I spent the first week in July at ThrillerFest, the major conference run by ITW (International Thriller Writers). As someone who spends a big chunk of each year at various conferences, I’m not supposed to play favorites, but come on we all have favorites, and it’s not like I’m choosing from among my children. So… Read more »

ThrillerFest: Top Quotes from the Industry Greats

ThillerFest was busting at the seams with the industry’s legends and heavy hitters, including legendary names like Sandra Brown and this year’s Thriller Master Nelson DeMille, along with the creators of beloved famous characters like Rambo, Dr. Temperance Brennan, and Sookie Stackhouse. The four-day event was crammed to the brim with presentations, panels and author… Read more »

#5OnFri: Five Benefits of Pitch Sessions

Happy Friday, Word Nerds! We’re now well and truly into summer and conference season has begun! In fact, Gabriela and Emily are attending Thrillerfest right now. In a few weeks, Sarah will be attending the Romance Writers of America Conference, and a week after that, Gabriela and I will be at Writers Digest. And this… Read more »

Be Well, Write Well: Do A Character Study on Yourself

Welcome to the first installment of “Be Well, Write Well,” a column about writing wellness! I’m Leanne Sowul, writer, reader and educator. In this series, we’ll explore our potential for living healthy, happy lives that balance writing passion with overall wellness. Are you ready to dive in with me? Let’s grow and learn together! Writers… Read more »

#5OnFri5 Things I’m Totally Psyched for at Thrillerfest

Thrillerfest is in just two weeks. Hear that? That’s my scream of glee. ThrillerFest is an annual conference for writers organized by International Thriller Writers (ITW). The event, now in its tenth year, brings together thousands of writers, agents, publishers and other industry professionals together each year. To borrow from Anchorman, it’s kind of a… Read more »

How to Build a Marketing List

You’ve sweated through your drafts, labored countless hours by candlelight, walking to your writing shed 10 miles through the snow, with nothing but your five year old Converse.  Well, maybe not, but it was freakin’ hard, just the same.  You’re finally done.  At least as done as you’re gonna get.  You can’t make it any… Read more »

Build Your Platform With Flash Fiction

With the publishing landscape changing, there is a heavy focus on the author platform. As writers, we are no longer required to just write. We need to write, master social media, maintain a spiffy website, and populate a blog. We have to become real people to our readers and potential readers. The world requires more… Read more »