What Stress Can Do For You

When someone tells you “I’m stressed,” your response is probably a sympathetic, “I’m sorry.” We’ve been taught that stress makes us feel anxious, worried, or tense. And it does make us feel those things, but let’s put that aside for now, because those feelings aren’t the only outcome of stress. In fact, stress is vital… Read more »

The Eight Most Common Reasons I Send a Rejection

It’s always disappointing to receive a rejection, but perhaps the worst kind of rejection is the standard form letter. Everyone knows that most editors don’t have the time to write out detailed, personalized rejections, and if you’ve amassed a large pile of these form responses, you might be left wondering how your manuscript keeps “falling… Read more »

#5onFri: Benefits of the Writer-Editor Relationship

We writers can edit and revise until we think our story is the best it can possibly be. But no matter how great we are at self-editing, every piece of work can benefit from another set of eyes, and every writer can benefit from working with an editor. Another person’s red pen has the potential… Read more »

#5OnFri: Five Tips for Indie Publishing Your Book

A few years back I published a couple of non-fiction books with the largest independent publishing house in America, Kensington. After the second book, I had exhausted what I had to say on the subject of how Americans funeralize their dead and moved into fiction. Unfortunately, the market for genre fiction was a bit softer… Read more »

A Case for Romance

What do you do when the genre you write is commonly referred to as trash? Not just by non-readers, but by the key audience demographic as well? The romance genre, dominated by a female readership whose novels most often involve sex, would have to be referred to as trash in a culture still affronted and… Read more »

5OnFri: Five Reasons You Should Consider Attending this Retreat

Dear word nerd, If you listen to DIY MFA Radio, you already heard me talk about Alexia Vernon’s Spotlight MasterTreat and her online program: Your Spotlight Talk. Last week I even ran a contest for tickets to this incredible retreat+course package. Note: DIY MFA is a proud affiliate for Your Spotlight Talk and Alexia’s Spotlight MasterTreat. While… Read more »

5OnFri: Five Resolutions Other Than “Write Every Day”

As we’ve talked about on DIY MFA in the past, setting goals can be a powerful tool to helping achieve our writing dreams. But what sort of goals should we be setting? There’s the obvious ones–like writing every day, finishing a certain project, or sending out queries. But there are many other ways to improve… Read more »