How and Why to Clean Your Email Subscriber List

As indie, small press, or otherwise “emerging” authors, we are told a lot how important it is to have an email list. It’s even a foundational piece of our DIY MFA Pixels to Platform course. It’s a core principle of platforming I hammer home for my coaching clients, too, in early sessions, and I emphasize… Read more »

Do Your Commitments Reflect Your Priorities?

Hello, everyone! I hope you enjoyed the trio of “Be Well, Write Well” interviews from Julie Maloney, Carol Van Den Hende, and Karen Kaufman Orloff. I learned a lot from studying their habits and schedules. Schedules and commitments are at the forefront of my mind these days, as I recently did an interview on the… Read more »

Be Well, Write Well: Interview with Karen Kaufman Orloff

Welcome to the third installment of our interview series on authors’ writing and wellness habits! Today’s interviewee is Karen Kaufman Orloff, author of several well-known children’s books, including the I Wanna Iguana series. Karen lives and works in the Hudson Valley, as I do, and I’ve known of her work for years but hadn’t had… Read more »

Speculating Your Future: Five Steps to FIT Goals

I’m going a bit off theme with this article, but when I saw Gabriela’s on Why You Should Review Your Writing Year, I figured I was on the write track. You see, I’m not a fan of resolutions, at the beginning of the New Year, or at any time. There’s something too final about the… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Ways to Conquer Deadline Anxiety

My writing habits tend to follow a feast or famine pattern. Trapped behind an invisible dam, my words dry up for days. When a gush of creativity bursts forth, I’m graced with thousands of words pouring from my fingertips with ease. I crank out several pitches and surf high on a wave of productivity and… Read more »

The Five G’s of Getting Libraries to Buy your Book

Getting libraries to purchase your book can have a big impact on your overall reach. But how do you get libraries to make that all-important sale? Here are five tips from DIY MFA’s personal librarian, Terri Frank. 1) Get Reviewed As a librarian responsible for purchasing, I read around 150 book reviews per day. These… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Ways to Find a Writer’s Group Online

Camaraderie. Feedback. The opportunity to vent. These are just a handful of the numerous benefits of joining a writers’ group. Writing is mostly a solitary endeavor, and it’s easy to feel isolated as you toil away day after day behind a computer screen. Whether you write novels, short stories, screenplays, or something else, it’s refreshing… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Reasons to Book a Writing Cruise

I have been to writing conferences, to conventions, to workshops, and retreats, but nothing compared to the transformative experience of the Writing Excuses Retreat Baltic cruiseI embarked on this past summer. Accordingly, I’m not going to focus on the clear and present benefits of such an event, the opportunities to network with industry professionals, to… Read more »

Three Types of Social Media Posts You Should Be Using

Social media is, of course, a cornerstone of an author’s online platform. But once you’ve got your accounts set up, what do you do with them? “I don’t have anything to say,” is a common refrain among authors first starting to use social media. And indeed, there is a lot of pressure to post frequently… Read more »