Title Image: Be a conference guru

Be A Conference Guru

Conference season is in full swing, and whether you are attending in person or virtually, conferences can be taxing on mind and body. But they don’t have to be. Here are things I’ve learned from attending conferences large and small that can help you become a conference guru too. Before You Go: Make A Wish-List… Read more »

Title Image: Using Instagram to Grow Your Author Business

Using Instagram to Grow Your Author Business

If I told you Instagram can become a relentless, reader magnet machine for your author business, would you be interested? Because author, that’s exactly what it can be if that’s what you choose.  In 2021, a few things are certain. You don’t need to be on everyone’s mamas internet to reach your readers, build community,… Read more »

Title Image: Plan an Online Book Launch

Plan an Online Book Launch

So, you wrote a book, and now it’s getting published. Finally this dream, built with your blood and sweat and tears, is coming true! That makes it a time to celebrate! But if you’re anything like me, this is probably also a time of major stress—now you have to make sure the world knows about… Read more »

Title Image: Build a Virtual Community

Build a Virtual Community

I’m the Operations Maven at DIY MFA. That role encompasses a lot of things, but the common thread—the thread I want to pick at in this essay—is my responsibility to build our community. One of the beautiful things about DIY MFA is how far-flung we are. As a community, we cover the globe. We are… Read more »

Title Image: Judge a Book by Its Cover: How to SPARC Great Cover Design

Judge a Book by Its Cover: How to SPARC Great Cover Design

Welcome to the Author Marketing Toolkit, where you can learn from 20+ years of time-tested marketing and insights expertise, translated for authors. I’m Carol Van Den Hende, an MBA and strategist who’s known for bringing chocolate when I speak at conferences (surely, we’ll get back to in-person events one day!). I’m thrilled to be joining… Read more »

Title Image: How I Built My Side Biz as an Editor

How I Built My Side Biz as an Editor

2019. My literary agent was subbing my third manuscript to acquiring editors for publication. I had just completed manuscript number four with the help of a book coach to whom I paid upwards of a grand. As I pondered its publication path, I realized I needed a side biz to bring in some bread. A… Read more »


Lessons Learned by a Debut Author

Do you want me to tell you a story?  Is there a better question to stoke the imagination and create anticipation? The promise of a story has always electrified me. I’ve wanted to become a writer since my parents read me bedtime stories filled with fantasy and adventure. I would often sneak out of bed… Read more »


Using Bookstagram to Increase Your Book’s Visibility

After several conversations with bestselling authors and those making full-time income as indie authors, I knew it was time to pivot my marketing strategy.  Sure, you can still use older methods to gain visibility for your book and increase your sales. You can slap a permafree novel on your website, then upsell to your new… Read more »


#5onFri: Five Items for Cats and the Authors who Live with Them

Happy Friday, word nerds! Today’s #5onFri revolves around cats – those creatures who make for both the BEST and WORST writing partners, somehow at the very same time. From illuminated manuscripts depicting cats at the feet of scribes to Edgar Allan Poe, who wrote with a tortie draped around his neck, the unique partnership between… Read more »