When Your Why is Bigger than Your Fear

At the end of April I found myself in a place I never would have thought possible. I had not been forced or coerced in any way, I was there of my own free will. This past weekend I was at a retreat for public speaking. Back in January, Gabriela sent out an email telling… Read more »

The #1 Tip For Introverts Attending a Writing Conference

Everyone should officially attend at least one writers’ conference. The amount of validation you get from claiming your spot as a “real” writer, whether you feel like you are or not, is totally worth the price of the ticket. If you’re attending your first writers’ conference, Gabriela has some great, very practical tips for getting… Read more »

#5OnFri: Five Twitter Chats for Five Different Writers

Writing hashtags and Twittter chats are hot right now. There are plenty of pages explaining them and what to look for, but who are these chats for? What can be gained from them? Here are five kinds of writers and the benefits they can gain from participating in a Twitter chat. 1) The Social Butterfly… Read more »

My Fantastic Experience at Malice Domestic 2017

I am a writing conference junkie. But they are costly, time consuming, and I am often left wondering was it worth? Recently, I forced myself to go on a conference diet. But when my critique partner told me she was going to Malice Domestic, she waved in front of me the writer’s equivalent of a… Read more »

The Value of an Amazon Follow

At this point, I don’t have to tell you that Amazon is a behemoth in the publishing industry. Even more so if you’re self-published. One intriguing feature that Amazon has developed in the last couple years is the Amazon Follow button. Part of Amazon’s genius has been that it finds ways that help it grow… Read more »

Three Tips for Trying Out Minimalism

In my last article, I talked about my experiment with de-cluttering, and the benefits of minimalism, specifically, for writers. While I’m still not quite done, I have already been able to see a lot of positive results. Thinking about trying out minimalism? Here are three tips for getting started: 1) Write Down Your Motivations The process of… Read more »