Literary Magazines: How to Find the Right Home for Your Work

One of the most fantastic things about writing short form work is the ability to submit it for publication in a literary magazine or journal. You can write something you’re truly proud of, have it published in print or online, and (in many cases) get paid for your words. It’s exciting to start collecting professional… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Reasons to Join a Twitter Writing Sprint

A Twitter writing sprint is a set time and place where people join together and write. It’s no different than sitting down at your desk, coffee shop, local park, or favorite library to write. You can use any writing method you prefer; computer, pen and paper, dictation, anything. So where does Twitter come in? Well,… Read more »

Seven Reasons Why Being Unpublished is Hard

Being a writer on the brink of publication, in pursuit of the dream, is so exciting. It’s fueled by the hope and desire of sharing your work with the world, and hopefully earning some money for our hard work. But amidst the pricelessness of pursuing our dreams, there are serious difficulties on the way. The… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Ways Your Health Can Affect Your Writing

If the world is lacking anything, it certainly isn’t health advice. Consumers are constantly bombarded with tips for eating right and living an active lifestyle. As writers, we have some unique physical concerns to watch out for. Hours in front of the computer can strain eyes, fatigue wrists and hands, and wreak havoc on our… Read more »

Be Well, Write Well: Interview with Lisa Romeo

Hello, readers! I hadn’t planned on doing another “Be Well, Write Well” interview after the series of three last winter, but when the opportunity arose to interview Lisa Romeo, I couldn’t turn it down. I first met Lisa at the Hippocamp Conference for Creative Nonfiction in the summer of 2016. Her workshop on mining root… Read more »

How to Use Twitter Hashtags for Writers

Twitter continues to be the very best social network for the publishing industry. Whether you’re publishing traditional, self, indie, or hybrid, your people are here, both writers and other pros. But if you’re not using hashtags, you’re not fully engaged with this online community yet. Social media (emphasis on social) is like a cocktail party…. Read more »

#5onFri: Five Ways to Build Your Success Team

Writing is considered a solitary activity — the term ‘writer’ always brings forth images of introverted geniuses in their messy offices, with a typewriter as their only friend. But those images are nothing but a snapshot of the creative process. The truth is, every word we write has been influenced, motivated or touched by another… Read more »

How and Why to Clean Your Email Subscriber List

As indie, small press, or otherwise “emerging” authors, we are told a lot how important it is to have an email list. It’s even a foundational piece of our DIY MFA Pixels to Platform course. It’s a core principle of platforming I hammer home for my coaching clients, too, in early sessions, and I emphasize… Read more »