The Book Nook—March Edition

I cannot believe it is already March! February positively flew by and I don’t mean because it’s shorter than your average month. Anyway, we’ve reached the first Sunday in March, which means I’m supposed to tell you what all I read in February. I even finished a few books that had been lingering on my… Read more »

Cozy to Cold-Blooded: Crime Authors Caught Up in Real Crimes

Recently in this column, I discussed real authors featured as fictional sleuths. But I discovered that real authors are sometimes real sleuths as well. Some seek to fight injustice and others become swept up in a mystery or crime. Some find the answers, some don’t, and some are the mystery rather than the sleuth. But… Read more »

Interview with Kellye Garrett

Today’s #OwnVoices installment is an interview with Kellye Garrett, author of the award-winning “Detective by Day” mystery series. Kellye and Sara talk about the influence of her TV writing days on her books, the difficulties of writing humor, and Crime Writers of Color, a writers’ group she co-founded with Gigi Pandian and Walter Mosley.  About… Read more »

What Is LGBTQ+ Literature?

[Author’s note: This is the first article in my new column series about LGBTQ+ writing called “LGBTQ+ Lit and Craft”. It addresses a diverse array of issues related to reading and writing LGBTQ+ literature across the genres.] Defining LGBTQ+ Literature LGBTQ+ literature, especially young adult fiction, has boomed in popularity. But what is LGBTQ+ literature?… Read more »

The Book Nook—February Edition

After my last Book Nook column was a smashing success, the Powers that Be at DIY MFA saw it in their infinite wisdom to make this a monthly column! Henceforth, on the first Sunday of every month, you will see an update of all the bookish goodness I’ve been indulging in over the past month…. Read more »

Mythic Storytelling: The Heroine’s Journey by Gail Carriger

Greetings, Speculators! As you might guess from the title of this column, I’ve found another mythic structure to expound upon. I’m going to take a slightly different approach this time, however. When I read Gail Carriger’s interpretation of the heroine’s journey, it struck a chord with me (imagine angelic chorus here). I thought that Instead… Read more »

Interview with Sherry Thomas

Our #OwnVoices interview series continues with a writer of one of Sara’s favorite series who also shares her hometown. Sherry Thomas is the author of the “Lady Sherlock” mystery series, set in Victorian London with a female Sherlock and Watson. They spoke about strong women and the role of outsiders in her books, as well as the lead… Read more »

A Dance of Joy and Tears

Joy Harjo – US Poet Laureate – Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Harjo is a member of the Mvskoke/Creek Nation. She is the author of several books of poetry, including An American Sunrise (W. W. Norton, 2019), and Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings (W. W. Norton, 2015). I will talk a bit about Joy in this article… Read more »

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Introducing the Book Nook!

New year, new column! I am so excited to start writing this new column I am calling the Book Nook. As much as I love writing, I’m always reading books. So I was able to convince the Powers that Be to allow me to write a column about books I’ve been reading.  At DIY MFA,… Read more »