Cozy to Cold-Blooded: My Auto-Buy Series, Part 1

Cozy to Cold-Blooded: My Auto-Buy Series, Part 1

In the course of writing this column, I haven’t shared my personal favorite mysteries yet. But today, for the debut of my Sunday columns, I made it all about my favorites. I’m sharing the books I don’t even read a description of before clicking buy, the ones I binge in between reading for my column… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Books to Kickstart 2022

#5onFri: ​​Five Books to Kickstart 2022

Happy January, word nerds! I hope that over the holidays you were able to spend some serious time curling up with a good book and beverage of your choice. Now that it’s 2022, it’s time for you to write the read which will compel your readers to do the same. Today I am recommending five… Read more »

Book Nook: The Reading Challenge

Book Nook: The Reading Challenge

I’ve been putting off writing this column. I love getting to check in each month and talk about books, but the practice of keeping track of what books I’ve picked up in a given month and then deciding which ones to share (I mean, how much of a particular book do I need to read… Read more »


Book Nook — December Edition

I feel like I am in the midst of the reading slump to end all reading slumps. It has stretched from October to November to December. On the rare occasion that I have a moment to actually pick up a book, I lack the mental bandwidth to focus on it. And that’s really a bummer… Read more »

team awesome thanksgiving post

Team Awesome Thanksgiving Post

Hey y’all. Lori here. As many of our readers know, today is American Thanksgiving. Many families take a turn going around the table and everyone says what they are thankful for. Fortunately, my family does not do this because I find the answers typical, saccharine, and not very sincere when you compare them to words… Read more »


Book Nook — November Edition

I know I’ve been complaining all year about time’s unnatural speed, but seriously? I cannot believe that it’s November and the year is almost over. I have met my Goodreads goal for the year, but I haven’t read nearly as many books as I would have liked, and there’s not much time left. This fall… Read more »

poetry books

Gushing about Poetry Books

Hello, my poetry-nerd friends! Today I can’t help gushing about poetry books I’ve read recently and loved.  First off, I want to talk about the poetry collection What Kind of Woman by Kate Baer. Then I want to delve into a classic book on poetry as a craft, A Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver. We’ll… Read more »