What Writers Can Learn from Children’s Books

by Gabriela Pereira
published in Reading

Today I am so excited to be hosting literary agent, Mary Kole. Aside from her role as Senior Literary Manager at Movable Type Management, Mary is also the mastermind behind the website KidLit.com where she shares tons of excellent information for writers. While her primary focus is children’s books (affectionately called “KidLit” by those in the know), much of her non-nonsense and practical advice can also help writers working in any category or genre.

Now Mary has taken yet another role, this time as the author of Writing Irresistible KidLit, a book that explains the craft of writing children’s books. Writing Irresistible KidLit serves almost as an extension of Mary’s blog, providing that same level of in-depth information, but with all-new material and tons of examples and excerpts illustrating the techniques covered in the book.

I’ve been a longtime follower of Mary’s blog and when I heard she had a book coming out, I jumped at the chance to get an  interview with her. What followed was a delightful conversation on reading, writing and children’s literature which you’ll see in the video below. You definitely don’t want to miss this video because in it Mary shares:

  • A sneak peek at one key piece of advice from her book.
  • The two things writers must do so they can rise to the top of the slush pile.
  • One important skill that writers of all genres and categories can learn from reading children’s books.
  • The first book that ever captured her heart.

• • • • •

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