What to Post on Social Media When You Have Nothing To Say

Let’s face it: Social media is a nonstop churn of content. New users are joining by the second, and most of them are spouting out posts multiple times a day. How’s anyone supposed to keep up? Let alone an author, who is already juggling writing, a job, parenting, and/or a hodgepodge of other obligations on… Read more »

Decluttering Your Author Social Media Accounts

As I entered the new year, I realized something terrible: my Twitter account is an utter mess. My home feed is filled with more strangers’ random life comments than relevant content, and my lists include several which I am included on, but are no longer active or timely. Sometimes I am alerted by Facebook that… Read more »

Digital Platform: Join the Conversation

Many—perhaps most—people on social media try to build their platform by posting, posting, posting. But being truly social requires a bit more than this. Like in any relationship, building a social media platform requires engagement both ways. Social media is more than a megaphone. There are hundreds of conversations going on out there all the… Read more »

How to Use Instagram Stories for Your Author Platform

It was a full four years ago that Facebook bought Instagram, and since that time, Facebook has also started to copy its sister network’s top features—specifically, Instagram Stories. (This is after Instagram copied it from Snapchat, of course—but then, Mom always said imitation is the best form of flattery. I’m sure Snapchat agrees.) Snark aside,… Read more »

Six Key Elements to Author Website Branding

In the digital age, an author’s website is among your most important assets. After all, it’s your home base online and your only truly owned corner of the Internet. This is where readers will turn to discover you, connect, and learn about your writing. Thus, it is important that your website establishes a recognizable look… Read more »

How to Use Twitter Hashtags for Writers

Twitter continues to be the very best social network for the publishing industry. Whether you’re publishing traditional, self, indie, or hybrid, your people are here, both writers and other pros. But if you’re not using hashtags, you’re not fully engaged with this online community yet. Social media (emphasis on social) is like a cocktail party…. Read more »