Tammy Lough

Six Tasks for Pre-Writing Success

Today, I broke the chains that bound me to a writing life of laissez-faire and made a decision. My panster days had served me well, but just as easily could have tanked every romance novel I wrote. In the olden days, well, yesterday, I would open my laptop and re-read the last two or three… Read more »

Helen J. Darling

Don’t Do What I Did: Mistakes in Indie Publishing

Indie publishing offers a lifetime of lessons to learn, and fortunately, the self-publishing community also offers myriad colleagues and gurus willing to share their knowledge with you. But working in indie publishing is a lot like that transition from college to real life: you can do all the reading and take all the courses, but… Read more »

Gabriela Pereira

Where We Stand as a Community

A little over a week ago, I wrote this email sharing initial steps that my team and I are taking to amplify black voices and also make DIY MFA more inclusive of diverse voices. I realize that I have been fairly quiet on the subject since, but that by no means indicates that this subject… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Ways to Write Emotion-Provoking Romance

I once asked on a social media site why people read romance novels. I received two primary answers: a guaranteed happy ending, and the way the books make them feel. As a romance reader myself, I couldn’t agree more. I turn to that genre when I want to feel deeply, and experience love through the… Read more »

Constance Emmett

Writing in Isolation

As many cities and states navigate the various phases of reopening their economies and a return to social normalcy, writers who have emerged from self-isolation may regret a wasted opportunity. Imposed isolation may not have resulted in a leap in their writing. Writing demands degrees of isolation, even in the best of times, but the… Read more »

Bess McAllister

A Limitless Gift for Every Writer

At DIY MFA, we talk a lot about iteration and crafting a writing process. Every writer’s process will look different. Some of us like sitting at the same desk, keeping to a strict schedule. Others probably thrive on a bit more adventure–different writing locales, juggling multiple projects. Many more probably lie somewhere in the middle…. Read more »

Sara Farmer

Cozy to Cold-blooded: An interview with DP Lyle

DP Lyle’s 4th Jake Longly thriller Rigged is here! Fans of the series can expect another smooth, funny ride with Jake, girlfriend Nicole Jamison, dad Ray, and childhood friend Tommy “Pancake” Jeffers. Since this book is set in the nearby town of Fairhope, rather than Jake’s hometown of Gulf Shores, AL, we meet police chief… Read more »

Laura Highcove

An Introduction to Writer’s Intuition

Web Editor’s Note: Hey there word nerds! I’m so excited to introduce our newest columnist, Laura Highcove. Laura is a long time word nerd who will be sharing all about writer’s intuition. What’s that, you ask? Read on to find out about this powerful writing tool.  I wrote a book one time that contained a… Read more »