Cozy Mysteries and the Holidays

The holiday season always reminds me of my mother’s sugar cookies, warm sweaters, and cozy mysteries—novels, short stories, Hallmark Movie Mysteries—any variety will do. I love sipping an Eggnog Latte curled under a warm blanket reading (or watching) a good cozy mystery while the rest of the world rages outside. There’s something about the familiar… Read more »

Five Biographies & Memoirs for your Fall Reading List

In his Pulitzer-Prize winning biography of American aviator Charles Lindbergh, author A. Scott Berg begins page one not with Lindbergh’s birth but with a buzzing crowd in Paris. Lindbergh, hoping to be the first pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic nonstop, has not been seen since he left New York twenty-four hours earlier. Was… Read more »

Beyond Janette Oke: A Look at Inspirational Fiction

If you have a spiritual side, you might consider penning inspirational fiction.  According to a 2017 news release from the Association of American Publishers, books with “religious and inspirational themes” are in high demand. A wider audience, including millennials and people of color, are discovering this genre once read almost exclusively by mature caucasian females…. Read more »

#5onFri: Five Ways to Develop Your Close Reading Skills

Stephen King told us, “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” But merely reading isn’t enough. Close reading is necessary to learn the secrets of how stories tick, which will help you sharpen those writing tools Stephen King mentioned. First we need… Read more »

Diving into Graphic Novels without Drowning

Do you want to let drawing become a part of your writing life, but are afraid to start? Do you long to dive into the world of books with pictures, but fear drowning? Let this article be your floaties to keep you safe in the deep end of the graphic novel pool. First, some history…. Read more »

#5onFri: Five Easy Ways to Speed Your Reading

Reading makes us smarter and healthier. It influences the way we think and learn. It has a positive impact on your brain, encouraging mental stimulation and slowing the process of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Reading polishes our writing skills, no matter if we write academic essays, web content, or fiction. In plain English, books make us… Read more »

Four Ways to Build Accountability into Summer Reading

Of all the seasons, summer is the most conducive to reading. Longer days, beachside lounging, and the greater availability of iced beverages are perfect companions for paperbacks in your sandy hands and audio books lulling through your earbuds. It is also the most fleeting season. As quickly as night turns into day, so too will… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Ways to Read Outside Your Box

I worked as a bookseller and library clerk in multiple places. I enjoy talking to people about books and offering them recommendations. My best selling display was one where I offered cross-media recommendations (for example, if you enjoyed the Netflix series Stranger Things then you should read the graphic novel series Paper Girls). I love… Read more »

A Reality Show for Books? Yes, Please!

On May 22, PBS launched a new television series called The Great American Read.  The goal is to discover the country’s most loved book. Following a nationwide survey of Americans, an advisory panel assembled an initial list of 100 possibilities. Over the next five months, the list will be whittled down via viewer voting until… Read more »