Collecting Characters

Collecting a Stash of Characters

Ever wonder where an author got the idea for that fantastic character you love? Psst, I’ll let you in on a secret. Want to know how I find my characters? I collect them. OK it might sound strange, but really, how different is that from collecting stamps or seashells or bottle caps or baseball cards?… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Poetic Tools to Enhance Your Prose

Through fresh use of the very language we speak every day, poetry creates intrigue, and builds a connection between the author and the reader. But you don’t need to be a poet to use and benefit from poetic tools! Here are 5 tangible suggestions for learning to incorporate poetic tools into your prose. 1) Find… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Unique Ways to Get to Know Your Character

I love writing characters. Creating new people from inside my head is my favorite part of writing stories. Then I’m not encumbered by that pesky thing called reality, and can let my writer brain run wild. My current work in progress has a large cast of characters aside from my protagonist. Each one has a… Read more »

Five Writing Lessons from Thriller Master David Morrell

I can’t think of thriller novels without thinking of New York Times best selling author, David Morrell. Morrell has been an icon in the thriller community since the release of his novel, First Blood, in 1971. His stories are action-packed, gripping, and heart stopping. He often speaks at conferences, but rarely teaches workshops. However, in… Read more »

Four Key Elements of a Successful Romance Series

Voracious romance readers love a series. When you read something you like, you want more! It’s human nature. And traditional publishers love signing a series. They want to know that a book they invest enough in to publish will produce more books and more readers. But feeding that hunger is the tricky part for us… Read more »

Opening Doors Through Poetry and Short Fiction

Web Editor’s Note: Please join me in welcoming Brenda Joyce Patterson, poet, writer, librarian,and the newest columnist for DIY MFA! In her column, Writing Small, she’ll be talking about the world of short fiction and poetry!  Raise your hand if you read poetry. How about short stories? I so wish I could be a fly on… Read more »