Why Your Next Culinary Book is in a Magazine Pitch

Choosing your next food book idea can be scary. It takes bravery to commit to an idea and follow through with its development. So, how do you go about deciding on one? Well, it just might be in your next culinary magazine pitch. Writing for a magazine might not be the first thing on your… Read more »

The Year of Reflection

Last week, during my yearly checkup, my doctor told me that she would be retiring in February. I expressed my regret and she decided to tell me why she was leaving. “They say 2020 is the year of reflection,” she said. “I just reflected on my life and I realized that it was time to… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Ways to Uplevel Your Sentences

In the first fiction workshop I ever took, our instructor said to us, “Do you know what the difference between a really good fiction writer and you is? They make better sentences.”  I knew even then that there was more of a difference between those writers and us, but his words have always stuck with… Read more »

flash fiction

#5onFri: Five Ways Writing Flash Fiction Improves Your Writing

We all want to be the great American novelist. But as we’re slogging through the process that is drafting, revising, getting feedback, and editing, sometimes we just need to sit down and write something new and fresh. Flash fiction, generally defined as fiction less than 1,000 words, can do that for you. Here are five… Read more »

Against All Odds: Writing Despite Setbacks

The thruline for this column is motivation despite setbacks. I want to encourage writers to be authentic, but to also no longer make excuses for procrastination. I always want to broach that from an empathic, non-judgmental place, so I sat down and made a list of the excuses I use for not getting my writing done…. Read more »


How to Write Sparky Dialogue

When we read great dialogue, sparks fly. Why? I love dialogue. When I’m reading a book and I spot dialogue up ahead, I think: Sweet—we’re getting to the good stuff soon. And when I’m writing a book and I get to a part requiring dialogue, I think: Sweet—time to have some real fun. Here’s the… Read more »

Resetting Our Creativity

Over the last several weeks, several months, truthfully, it’s felt like everyone I know, including myself, has been running on empty in most areas of life. At the very beginning of this “new normal” period, every day was a bit of an unknown. From not really knowing how long the pandemic was going to last,… Read more »

What Happens When You Decide the Answer is “Yes”?

Jeanette the Curriculum Unicorn here with your writerly wisdom. Have you ever asked yourself the right questions so that the answer is yes? Like this first one that is top of mind: Can I really write a book? Does that thought seem familiar? I can’t even express how many times those words have gone through… Read more »