What I Learned About Finding Story Ideas from Julie Duffy

Julie Duffy is a writer and the host of StoryADay May, an annual creativity challenge for short story writers. Julie has also published two books for writers, BECOMING A BETTER WRITER, and BREAKING THROUGH WRITER’S BLOCK. Julie Duffy will be talking about the creative process at Lit Loft. Follow her twitter (@storyadaymay) or find StoryADay… Read more »

What I Learned About Motivation from James Scott Bell

JAMES SCOTT BELL is the author of the #1 bestseller for writers, Plot & Structure, and numerous thrillers, including Don’t Leave Me, Try Dying and Watch Your Back. His novella One More Lie was the first self-published work to be nominated for an International Thriller Writers Award. Under the pen name K. Bennett, he is… Read more »

Build Good Writing Habits

To celebrate the upcoming DIY MFA event, Lit Loft 2013, my team and I have put together a series of videos designed to help you write more, write better, write smarter. If you’re on the DIY MFA list, you’ve already gotten a sneak peek but now we’re sharing these videos with the world. We hope… Read more »

Introducing Lit Loft 2013

I am so excited to share this news on the website with you today! This has been in the works for months now and today finally enough of the pieces are in place that I can share details with you. Lit Loft 2013–a DIY MFA online event event–is officially a go. Watch the website because… Read more »

Creative Writing Lessons from a Reporter

I’m a journalist by day and a creative writer by night. This double life started in my sophomore year of college, when I enrolled in two classes: Introduction to Fiction and News Writing. Every week, I would spend my mornings and afternoons typing up news articles using the inverted pyramid. Evenings were dedicated to creative writing:… Read more »

Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone

When people meet me for the first time, they usually find out within the first ten minutes that I love to write. The question that proceeds right after is, “What do you write?” At that point, I’m stumped. The thing is, I write a little bit of everything – memoir, flash fiction, news articles and feature… Read more »

How to Stay in Action When You Get Rejected

You didn’t hear back from the agent. Perhaps the editor rejected you. You may be asking, “What the heck?” Firstly, congratulations on putting yourself out there. Now, here’s something to take on: Look beyond the anger, the embarrassment or the frustration. What is there for you? Consider that a rejection or a lack of response is a… Read more »

How to Keep Writing When You’re Scared of Failure

Everyone’s experienced it. You have that novel bouncing around in your head, but you’re scared to start writing it. Thoughts pop up about not being good enough, about agents and editors laughing at your crazy idea, about all the time and energy spent on something that may get rejected. Your chest collapses. Your face cringes. Here’s the deal:… Read more »

7DayStory: FREE Short Story Workshop and Q&A

Join me and Julie Duffy of StoryADay.org us for a FREE Short Story Workshop next week. We’ll be talking about the tiered revision process that inspired our collaborative project–7DayStory–and you’ll have a chance to ask both of us questions about writing, short stories, and the 7DayStory Challenge. Here are the details: 7DayStory Workshop and Q&A… Read more »

Key Questions for a Standout Book Cover

In a bookstore, shoppers feel at home, walking up and down the aisles filled with hundreds of books, perhaps with a coffee in hand. They take their time, looking at each book cover as if in a gallery. You’re not in a traditional bookstore. In the fast-paced world of digital publishing, users demand instant gratification…. Read more »