Business Writing: Two Important Lessons

It’s been a while since I’ve shown my face at DIY MFA, and that is because I have been full-time, honest-to-Zeus employed – as a writer. No, I’m not getting paid to spin tales of whimsy and fantasy (yet). I’m a content writer and editor for a small business in San Diego. Switching gears to business writing was… Read more »

The Rewrite Rules!

In April of 2011, I hit a wall in my book. This was not a “I need a break” or “I’m tired” or “this is hard” wall. Writers don’t get breaks. We’re always tired. And writing is never not hard. This was a “this is not working” wall. There was a fundamental flaw in my… Read more »

Why Writers Should Be On Pinterest

When I first saw the site, I didn’t understand why writers should be on Pinterest. Nonetheless, I joined with the best of intentions. It wouldn’t help my writing, but I would dress like a model without spending a dime. My apartment would look like a spread in Good Housekeeping. I would feast every. Single. Day. That… Read more »

Use a Mood Board to Boost Your Writing

In a past  life (i.e. my early 20’s), I studied graphic design and worked as a toy developer. I designed hundreds of toys in those few short years and in the process learned a lot of techniques that would help my writing later on. When you work in a creative industry like toy design, you… Read more »

Start Here: Being Your Own Muse

Once you hit your creative flow, working on your manuscript can be a blast. But sometimes, the muse just doesn’t want to come. Well, forget the muse–you can get the creative juices flowing all on your own. I’ve spent five years in the creative industry, and when a client deadline hits, you need something to show them whether… Read more »

Q&A With An Editor: The Acquisitions Process

In December, I had the opportunity to attend the Random House Open House. It was a fabulous event, providing valuable information to writers and readers alike. One of the highlights of the open house, though, was a panel discussion with Ballantine publishing team behind Justin Cronin’s bestselling book THE PASSAGE–and now the sequel THE TWELVE. This… Read more »

Writing Workshop: How To Tell When You Need That Boost

Few writers can thrive in isolation. Sooner or later, we all need a little boost in our writing, some external structure to help us make the jump to the next level. And a writing workshop can be a great way to do that. When I use the term “writing workshop” I’m talking about a group… Read more »

DIY MFA Workshop Recording

“Will there be a recording of the DIY MFA Online Workshop?” This was perhaps the most common question I got after the workshop this past week so I thought it would share the answer on the website today, along with the concepts that this question brought up. First, the short answer. Will there be a… Read more »

Introduction to Kid Lit

Whether you love children’s books or you haven’t read a kid’s book since you we’re a kid yourself, , we writers have one thing in common: we were all kids once. At some point in our lives, we all had that experience of finding a book that captured us in a profound way and chances… Read more »