Creative Power Tool #2: Silence

Last week we talked about the power of words and how we must use them with precision, and today we consider the counterpart of those words, the silence. After all, it’s not just what we choose to say, but what we choose not to say, that matters. To illustrate my point, I would like to… Read more »

Mobile Apps for Writers

In today’s mobile society, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep your thoughts organized. This is very important if you are a writer. Inspiration can hit you at any given moment, but thankfully there is an app for that. There are plenty of smartphones and apps out on the market today that can help… Read more »

Creative Power Tool #1: Words

I’ve always wanted to go to the Intrepid Air and Space Museum, but rarely had a chance to get there. Once upon a time, I think I went there on a school field trip, but it was a long time ago and I had never gone back since. Until this weekend. But even as I… Read more »

Get Creative on Demand

In my final installment of ThrillerFest recaps and I thought I’d save one of my favorites for last. In her fabulous talk on Creative Consistency, Lisa Gardner shared three important steps that writers must take in order to get creative on demand. Being able to get creative on demand is a crucial aspect of being… Read more »

Writing Techniques and Devices Should Serve the Story

In my second-to-last installment of ThrillerFest recaps, I’d like to look at a theme that came up in several different panels I attended. Writing techniques and devices should serve the story. Whatever you do in your writing, it needs to work for your story and not against it. Whether you include taboo topics, or humor,… Read more »

The Villain’s Journey – from ThrillerFest

On Monday we talked about how character’s are the story. Today, I pose another idea: while characters may be the story, what really makes your story interesting is the antagonist. And in the case of most thrillers, the antagonist happens to be a villain. If you’re wondering about the distinction between villains and antagonists, check… Read more »

Lessons on Character from ThrillerFest

As I mentioned in my introduction to the ThrillerFest recaps, I fully expected to learn a lot about plot, pacing and suspense. What I did NOT expect was that character development would be the central topic to just about every talk or panel I attended. Character development in a thriller? Actually, that idea is not… Read more »

Top 10 Tips for Writing Historical Fiction

Today we have an excellent guest post by Leanna Renee Hieber, author of DARKER STILL. I had the pleasure of chatting briefly with Leanna over lunch at the BEA Bloggers Conference. The minute I met her I could tell how passionate she is about historical fiction and the time period she writes about.  At the… Read more »

Prompt: The Name Game

To wrap up our week-long series about naming characters we’re going to play a game.  In the picture below there are two lists of names.  Select one name from each list (or even pick two names from the same list.)  You can pick names that you think go well together, or if you’d rather leave… Read more »