DIY MFA Is on the Radio!

Let me tell you a little secret: I’ve always dreamed of being on the radio. As a kid, I’d listen to radio shows and was always fascinated by this idea that what I had to say could be transported to listeners across the country or even the globe. The truth is, radio and I seem… Read more »

Getting Creative on Demand

When we started our website, Final Deadline, we made creativity our business. For those looking to get creative, here are four simple steps from the murky pool of our collective wisdom. 1) Panic! So the deadline’s tomorrow and your wordcount is still smaller than your bank balance; the more conventional advice might be, “Don’t panic.” This… Read more »

Six Tips for Successful Self Publishing

I’m thrilled to be a guest columnist on DIYMFA! Having recently gone through the process of self publishing my novel, Flirting with Monogamy, I’m looking forward to sharing a few pointers and helpful hints of what I learned during the process. First of all: 1) Do Your Homework There are numerous outlets for self-publishing a… Read more »

Ask Becca: How Not to Develop Characters 101

#askbecca “I’m having trouble developing fully-rounded characters and showing how they change as the plot progresses.” — Charles E. “My go-to strategies for character development are either describing the clothes that a character is wearing or what they order if they sit down at a restaurant.” — Cooper S. Here is an actual character description… Read more »

#1 Tool to Make You a More Productive Writer

Productivity has been on my mind a lot these past weeks. The new year always makes me want to reevaluate my creative process and push myself to become a more productive writer. This year in particular this topic has felt very relevant to me. Between launching DIY MFA 101 and getting ready for a new baby,… Read more »

Stay Motivated: 8 Writing Tools To Keep Words Flowing

Butt-In-Chair. It’s the struggle of all writers. We know it’s smart, the right thing to do, yet it can be so darn difficult. Sometimes, we’re not in the mood to write. A difficult rejection, news of an author snagging a huge deal on her first manuscript which took her three weeks to write and polish…yeah…. Read more »

Ask Becca: Procrastinators Unite, Tomorrow!

Happy New Year! Time to start fresh and get a head start on marathoning those seasons on Netflix while actively avoiding your to-do list. Procrastination is the #1 reason that people don’t complete their New Years’ Resolutions (now that I think about it, that is kind of like saying that the #1 reason you ditched… Read more »