Savannah Cordova

#5onFri: Five Signs Your Book’s Structure Needs Work

Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser at heart, you probably recognize that an unwieldy, unclear, or unstable structure can be a death sentence for your novel. Even if you’re writing a book defined by its quirky characters or experimental style, most readers simply won’t have the patience to get through it unless the structure… Read more »

Bronwen Fleetwood

Celebrating Reading: Days Dedicated to Books

‘Tis the season to celebrate books! Because reading and literacy are so important there are a number of book-oriented events on the annual calendar. Some are regional, some global. And they all emphasize the importance of reading for kids. As writers (and illustrators!) for children we should be deeply invested in spreading literacy and a… Read more »

E.J. Wenstrom

Building a Community of True Fans for Authors

J.K. Rowling…Stephen King…Danielle Steel…What author hasn’t dreamed of reaching this level of mega-fame with their own work? What author hasn’t sighed as we remind ourselves how unattainable it is?  Because, of course, these names are the exception, not the rule, and rely on the conversion of many factors, including a little luck.  But I have… Read more »

Pamela Taylor

Creating Authentic Details: Food

What our characters eat depends on when and where they lived, their position in society, and, to some extent, what they were doing. So getting the food details right is one way we can fully immerse readers in our story. In the space of this article, I can’t begin to cover global evolution of foodstuffs… Read more »


Writing Through Depression

Way back in 2009, five major events deeply altered me. In April, my beloved grandmother died. Six weeks later, I married my now-husband. Over the following summer, my husband lost a grandmother on one side and a grandfather on the other. And the following fall, my husband and I bought our first home. While two… Read more »

Dave Chesson

#5onFri: Five Writing Tips For Levelling Up Your Craft

There are over six million Kindle books published on Amazon. Only a small percentage will be bestsellers.  As an author, it’s up to you to make your book stand out. Sure, marketing and branding help you sell more books, but the best way to sell books is to write the best one possible.   In this… Read more »